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Case Studies

Marine Fabrications by Hepworth InternationalMarine

To design a Multi-Purpose Connector for the Marine and Superyacht sector, that would be completely flush when installed in a surface such as a boat/ship’s deck (with the probe removed), watertight, with a long life, a quick-release action and requiring zero to low maintenance.

Available fittings for this type of application either stood proud of the surface (deck) or were ‘removable’ but left a hole in the deck when uninstalled, both of which options presented a health and safety hazard.
Using marine grades 316 and 17-04 stainless steel to withstand any harsh environment and regular salt immersion, a Flush-Fitting anchor point was designed with an easily removable / interchangeable probe that can be used for many different applications.

Rail Fabrications by Hepworth InternationalRail

To produce 50 Trackside Enclosures for a global Tier 1 rail sector supplier. The enclosures had an urgent lead-time and we had to deliver the completed order within 30 days.

The customer supplied a prototype cabinet of which there were elements in need of reverse engineering. We managed to complete the project and deliver on time to an extremely high standard, using innovative production methods.

Some of the methods that we adapted were that of a Manufacturing Cell, a designated customer zone within Hepworth’s production facility, where all work related to a specific project is carried out. This minimises the risk of cross-contamination with other work and allows for more efficient production, due to processes being completed quicker and spending less time in transit through the production cycle.


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B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Studies B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Studies B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Studies B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Studies