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Case Study - The Arial Nomad


Hepworth Commercial AutomotiveAriel's stunning new Nomad all-terrain car made its debut at the Autosport International show in Birmingham in January 2015 and will offer a completely different type of all-terrain high performance driving when it is released for sale in the summer.

The Ariel Nomad, featured on BBC 1's Top Gear programme, is able to reach 60mph in a blistering 3.4 seconds; with a top speed of 125mph, the car is powered by a 2.4 litre Honda engine that has been configured with Ariel electronics, with an end result of 235bhp at 7200rpm.

With this being such a unique vehicle aesthetically, and its sister car the Ariel Atom being an iconic sports car, Hepworth International was excited to have the opportunity to work with Ariel to develop the Nomad's wiper system.  The project began in 2012; dual pendulum wrap-over wipers and wiper arms with a 50Nm motor were used, but there were some complex challenges for their design team to overcome, most notably packaging the system around the structure of the vehicle.

Martyn Groves of B Hepworth commented "Our expertise in developing and building bespoke, high quality wiper systems, whilst simultaneously being a UK manufacturer meant that we were the ideal choice. With Ariel being a well-known name amongst petrol head and sports-car enthusiasts worldwide it was an exciting project to be involved in and a perfect way to show our flexibility to design bespoke wiper systems".

Ariel Director Simon Saunders thinks that the Nomad will be bought mainly for recreational driving, both on and off-road, but also feels that the car could compete "with honour" in the Dakar Rally. The Nomad has been tested on well known WRC stages, winch challenge courses and closed forest roads and so far the Nomad has shown excellent levels of performance, adding up to a whole new kind of driving fun!

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B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Study B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Study B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Study B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Case Study