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Hepworth Fabrications offers a total service in custom-made fabrications in a wide range of metals and forms. Based in North Worcestershire in the West Midlands, they are ideally situated in the centre of the UK's motorway network, for easy transportation and deliveries.

One of our precision lasers at work!

The machine is the L20 3.6 Kw 3030 and in the video it is cutting a ‘Strainer Tube’ using the Rotolas unit. The capacities which it works to are:-

  • Aluminium - 5mm thick
  • Mild steel - 12.7mm thick
  • Stainless steel - 6mm thick
  • Maximum diameter circular tube - 370mm
  • Minimum diameter circular tube - 20mm
  • Maximum (inner diagonal) rectangular tube - 340mm
  • Minimum (inner diagonal) rectangular tube - 50mm
  • Maximum tube length - 3000mm
  • Minimum tube length - 150mm

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B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Video B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Video B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Video B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Video