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Range of applications

 Throughout Hepworth's extensive history, the company has worked with, and continues to supply many of the market leaders in the automotive industry, as well as a number of confidential vehicle manufacturers supplying the defence sector.

Since the conception of the business, clients include:
    •    Jaguar
    •    Land Rover
    •    Aston Martin
    •    Jensen

We are currently providing our specialist design services, during the preliminary stages of manufacturing for several of the worlds largest automotive manufacturers.

Hepworth Commercial PrototypesPrototype Design

In the past Hepworth has developed many wiper systems in conjunction with Prototype Design.

We are currently working on several exciting, innovative and confidential systems with key players from the automotive industry.



Hepworth Commercial Street Cleaning VehiclesStreet Cleaning Vehicles

Hepworth has a pre-existing customer base, in terms of fitting our wiper systems to the street sweepers market.

Already supplying two of the sweeper market leaders, Hepworth can design bespoke units to specifically meet a variety of changing sweeper models.  Recently we saw our wiper systems being exhibited at one of the UK’s largest industrial cleaning exhibition on several  widely recognised sweeper systems.


Hepworth Commercial Industrial SectorIndustrial sector

Hepworth has supplied to a varied mixture of companies in the Industrial Market Sector. Our wiper systems have been fitted  contrastingly on 3D printer screens to rice sorting machines.

The Industrial Market sector is a sector that has been carefully identified by Hepworth as a potential market for growth. We are looking at increasing our current list of contacts and can provide a bespoke designed wiper system to almost any required machine or vehicle.


Hepworth Commercial Heavy IndustrialHeavy Industrial

Due to Hepworth having the capability to manufacture bespoke wiper systems to an accredited high standard, it makes us a strong candidate to install our systems onto Heavy Industrial machinery and vehicles.

Having developed wiper systems that can withstand temperatures down to -50 degrees, and have been tested to rigorously withstand the natural elements, Hepworth are the natural choice to fit wiper systems onto such specialist equipment.

Our Brands

B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Overview B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Overview B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Overview B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd - Overview