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Hepworth Rail News

Hepworth wipers gain Russian GOST-R approval!Hepworth Rail GOST Certification

Hepworth Rail is the first western wiper manufacturer to become Mandatory GOST-R Approved.

Practically all goods exported to Russia are subject to some form of GOST certification. GOST-R is a system of Russian national technical and quality standards that encompass the rail industry and its critical products such a wiper systems. As in any other country, certification is required to protect the health and safety of Russia's population by excluding potentially hazardous or unsafe products from entering Russia’s Rail Industry.

Hepworth Rail’s GOST-R Certificate of Conformity contains a range of wiper formation products that all carry the same tariff code (HTS). The registered GOST-R Sign/Mark of Conformity will be affixed to certified products and documentation, demonstrating their GOST-certified status.

There are two types of GOST-R certificates: Mandatory (yellow-coloured) and Voluntary (blue-coloured). Hepworth’s recent success in attaining a Mandatory GOST-R for their wiper systems is further evidence of Hepworth Rail’s commitment to supply high quality and safe product into the global rail market and facilitates a significant opportunity to enter this very important market.

Hepworth Rail has achieved this remarkable award after a successful partnership and working closely with the Russian authorities to ensure that they met the exacting requirements through each phase of the process.  Hepworth has now been rewarded as the first wiper manufacturer outside Russia to be awarded the GOST–R certification, for direct and indirect supply of their bespoke, high quality rail wiper systems.

Hepworth Rail adds newly deveoped 'Rain Sensor' to their product offeringHepworth Rail Rain Sensor windscreen

As a leading supplier of Wiper & Wash systems to the global rail market, Hepworth Rail International is making use of InnoTrans 2012 for the official introduction of its latest innovation.

The fully Rail Compliant and functional Rain Sensor meets most customers’ requirements for the increased number of new driverless trains and provides clear view facilities for passengers.

This development also provides significant benefits and improved operational safety for drivers of all new and retrofitted vehicles. The Rain Sensor has been fully tested and approved and is currently in operation in Korea. It has also been proposed for further projects both in Europe, Australasia and the Far East.

The new Rain Sensor is part of Hepworth Rail's continued drive towards development and innovation that meets its customers’ requirements and shows the way forward.

China tests Beijing-Shanghai bullet train

Engineers have conducted a test-run of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail link, days before its public launch.

Officials, reporters and company bosses were on board for the 300 km/h (190mph) train's maiden voyage, which the government has promised will halve the journey time to under five hours.?  China is planning to roll out high-speed lines across the country.

He Huawu, the chief engineer of the Chinese Railway Ministry, said China was in a leading position in the industry worldwide.?"Countries that are currently building high-speed railway can draw on the experience of China, such as its standards, construction ability and integration methods," he said.

The public will be able to travel on the trains from Thursday, a day before the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party.

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British Engineering at its best helps make history!

High Speed Train A Chinese high-speed train has recorded the fastest ever journey time, reaching speeds of 258 mph (416 kph), during a recent test run.  In order for the driver to see safely ahead in foul weather, Redditch company B Hepworth & Co Ltd were commissioned to design and manufacture the windscreen wiper systems.

Bucking the trend and beating the recession, the Midlands based group of companies has invested heavily in a massive expansion programme and, in August, Hepworth took delivery of its new Trumpf Trulaser 3030 laser.  The latest design and the first installation of its type in Europe, the Trulaser expands Hepworth's manufacturing capabilities, having the facility to cut not only Mild Steel up to 20mm thick, but also 12mm Stainless Steel and 8mm Aluminium.  In addition, the machine is fitted with an integral rotary unit, giving the capability of cutting box sections and tubes.

Outstanding Bombardier Electrostar fleet fit Hepworth wiper systems

Bombardier has released a statement on their website confirming the Electrostar fleet as the best performing train in the UK.

Hepworth are very proud to have supplied over 1500 systems to Bombardier for the entire Electrostar fleet.  The wiper system failure rate currently stands at 0.07 Failures Per Million Kilometres which is an incredible achievement, showing how Hepworth Rail’s quality and partnerships continue to develop ever improving and outstanding wiper systems for the global rail market.

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